Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Constant Evolution

This is Wednesday of "Australia Week" at ELTW, and there hasn't been an entry yet.  Normally, that would be because I am a lazy bugger.  This time, however, it's due to some program changes we've made to try to get the kids more on board with the project.

A recurring theme has been the kids' steadfast refusal to help with the cooking, or to even eat the food.  I know I have made several disparaging comments about my offspring -- mainly because they break my heart, etc...  Anyway, to try boosting their engagement levels, we've changed it up a bit this week.  Angel is NOT breaking her brain making a seven-day menu comprising all relevant regions of the country, and traditional vs. everyday foods, and then spending all day, every day in the kitchen cooking elaborate recipes.

This week, each of us picked a recipe...and is responsible for preparing that recipe.  Rather than seven days this week, we're doing five, and we're sharing the labor more than we have been.  We hope this makes things a little more harmonious en la casa.  Tonight will be the first actual meal from Australia.

On a different subject, we drink coffee like everyone else does, right?  During Mexico week, we purchased some fun-looking extra products -- coconut candies, fun sodas...and a "Mexican" coffee -- Cafe Bustelo.  I know the can reads "beans from around the world," but it was sold in the Mexican food section at the supermarket.

We thought this coffee would be nasty, but it really turned out to be pretty nice.  I just ran it through our cheap coffee maker in the morning, we called it "Cafe Bust-a-Move" and enjoyed it without really thinking anything more about it.  Well, yesterday was the end of the can, and today marked our return to Folger's.

Yecch!  I never realized how much of a nasty, acidic, disgusting aftertaste Folger's left in my mouth.  I'd just thought, "gee, it's better than Maxwell House, anyway," but this morning I wanted to gargle with Clorox.  We might have just migrated our daily coffee to Cafe Bustelo -- it's the same price, too.

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  1. Enjoying the blog my friend. Not a coffee drinker myself (unless it's the cold over-priced variety) but I might pick some of this up for a future camping trip to make camp coffee with for a little surprise.

    We'll be dancing around the camp fire yelling "Aye Aye Aye" or some other common misconceived remark.

    Until then... Don't call on me, Alejandro!