Friday, June 11, 2010

No Worries, Mate!

So, we have arrived in Australia.  Wednesday was our first official meal and it was the one I picked authentic Australian "sausage sizzle."  To the un-discerning eye it might look like I grilled brats out on the deck, but it was, in reality, an authentic Australian meal.

The gist of the "sausage sizzle," as I read it in several places, is that it's the food typically served at every church picnic, fair grounds, yard sale, fund-raiser, etc -- just as here in the U.S. you could expect to find hot dogs, chips, baked beans and the funny marshmallow stuff with coconut in it.  The sausages aren't the same -- brats don't contain lamb, mutton or gristle.  The Desperately Seeking Crab blog has a post that really explained it to me well.

So the basic recipe, if this could be graced with such an official-sounding term, is that one grills sausages, and serves them on white bread (not buns, no, never) with sauteed onions and either BBQ sauce or tomato sauce. (ie, ketchup)  We had ours with chips and a cream ale.

Sausage Sizzle

And the kids ate it.  I kinda thought they would...I mean, big hot dogs, right?  I was worried a bit about the problem we've had before, where as soon as I call something foreign, they scream and make the "yuck-face."  Not to worry, though, as the kids all polished off their sausages, though there were some quibbles about the onions.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Love the cream ale...mmm.

    I actually like sausage sizzles now...but they have to be quality sausages. haha. Not the $2 sausages they sell as fundraisers outside of Bunnings (our Home Depot).