Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hanging Chad

So, I realize I never let on what country we're traveling to this week.  It's Chad.  You know, Chad.  Central Africa, poverty, starvation, refugees...Chad.  From the moment I even put Chad in the official tin, I knew I was gonna have to make the "hanging chads" joke at some point, so there it is.  It's even a bit relevant.

You see, last night was supposed to be our first Chadian night.  (Chadians, that's what they call themselves.)  So all we (and I) had to do last night was:
  • 5:10-5:15 -- get home from work
  • 5:30 -- run Evie to her T-ball team photos and game.
  • 7:30-8:00-ish -- get home from T-ball game
  • 8:00 +2hrs -- Cook authentic Chadian Dinner
  • After That -- clean up authentic Chadian Dinner
  • After THAT, what's this now...10:30? 11:00? -- Begin homework: Business Law Case Discussion
  • 1:00 am -- Continue homework: Business Law online lectures
  • 2:00am -- Business law quiz
  • 2:30am -- quiz complete, go to bed.

So we punted on the first night of Chad and ordered pizza to cut out the two hours of cooking and subsequent hour of cleanup.  My wife took the kids to the T-ball game and I got those two hours to work on homework, so I was able to go to sleep before 1:00 am.

So I'm sorry for the bad pun...but we've left you hanging, Chad.

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